Monday, July 8, 2024

Friend Encounters: Missa Kate and Tony

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

My buddy Tony and I might debate a lot of things, but one subject we never debate is Miss Kate. We agree she is one of the best independent wrestlers.
Currently the champ at 2econd Wrestling, Missa also wrestles elsewhere, including the National Wrestling Alliance, where she is half of the former women's tag champs. Missa seems to be a natural heel, but she works equally as well as the good guy. It's the subtle things she does. A simple quick look, a short remark, even a well-timed smirk are all part of her routine and all make for a well-rounded character in and out of the ring. If you are watching a Missa match, you are in for a treat.
Tony and I have seen Missa wrestle many times and have never seen a bad match. We haven't even seen a mediocre match. She can carry lesser opponents to solid matches and she can keep up with more experienced wrestlers. She truly is the total package.
I highly recommend 2econd Wrestling to see her in action. Check 2econd Wrestling on social media for more info on their future shows. You can (and should) also follow Missa Kate to see all of her future shows, her merch and other fun she posts.
Missa Kate and Tony in Vernon, Hills, IL-April 2024.

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