Tuesday, January 10, 2023

DJ Corchin at C2E2 2020

C2E2 2020 was the last major event I attended prior to the pandemic shutting down life. Creator DJ Corchin was one of the last folks I met there, although I had met him many times before this. My latest interview with him is at On the Beat With DJ Corchin
The multi-talented Corchin reaches a wide audience with his work. As an author, his books are aimed at children, specifically teaching them various aspects of life, interaction and communication. He accomplishes this with a gentle push accented by light humor. The result is an enjoyable read, which also aids the child's journey through adolescence. While aimed at children, his books are also enjoyable to adults sharing them with the youngsters. Adults probably wouldn't read them on their own, but it's always more fun when the book you're reading to a child is not a major bore fest.
One of Corchin's latest endeavors is Call Itta Draw, a live improvisational drawing show on social media. Corchin is joined by some of my favorites, including K Lynn Smith, Jay P. Fosgitt, Seth Damoose and Dan Dougherty to entertain folks with their artistic work and humor.
I don't know if Corchin will be at the upcoming New York Comic Con, but many other creators will definitely be there. Running October 6-9, produced by ReedPop, NYCC is a huge comic con. I attended last year and despite being somewhat scaled down due to Covid, it was still amazing. I will be back "On the Beat" for NYCC 2022.
Go to DJCorchin.com and CallIttaDraw.com for more info on his work. Also, check NewYorkComicCon.com for more info and updates. I hope to see many of you there.
DJ Corchin and me in Chicago, IL-March 2020.

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