Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Mitch Trubisky Past and Future

I first met and talkked to Mitch Trubisky at the Chicago Auto Show a couple years ago. I was covering another exhibition there and was late in getting to Mitch's booth. I appealed to the staffers, who then asked Trubisky. He could have easily stuck to the time deadlines and sent me on my way, but instead, he waved me over. Because I was already late, I kept things short, just basically getting a quote on the show and the Bears.
Trubisky was very gracious and very humble. I told him he was our best hope at quarterback in a long time. He brushed it off,m but thanked me for the compliment. Fans loved him that day.
Unfortunately, things haven;t worked out for him in Chicago. I blame the coaches and organization for the most part. He's already had two head coaches and multiple QB coaches. The coaches never tailored the offense to Trubisky's strength.
Obviously, Trubisky underperformed at times, but he also showed flashes of excellence. It is up to the coaxching to bring out more excellence and to minimize bad performances. The coaching failed Trubisky and failed the fans.
Trubisky will probably leave Chicago now. He will probably end up as a starter elsewhere and go on to a decent NFL career. With the right coaching and a few breaks, he might end up being very good. Only time will tell.
Good luck to Trubisky wherever he lands. I will always be grateful for his time and consideration at the Chicago Auto Show.
Mitch Trubisky and me in Chicago, IL-February 2019.

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