Monday, January 17, 2022

Friend Encounters: Buzz Lightyear and Mad Man Pondo

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

I have previously written several times about Mad Man Pondo. Several years ago at Resistance Pro Wrestling in Chicago, I had the pleasure of working with Pondo. Despite more than 1,000 interviews on my resume, I was intimidated about approaching Pondo, because of his hardcore reputation.
That reputation would prove to be completely accurate inside the ring, but outside of it, Pondo is one of the most laidback, coolest people I have met. In a time of turmoil at Resistance Pro, it was always calming to see Pondo at the events.
Pondo is a pro's pro. He is always willing to help any wrestler, without being pushy. The man has wrestled for 30+ years and has done it all. Although he prefers taking a stop sign to his opponent's head (or his own), Pondo is very capable of technical wrestling. He has an incredible mind for the business, too.
You might look at the picture of him and Buzz Lightyear and think it conflicts with his persona. It really doesn't, but if it did, Pondo wouldn't care. Pnndo does what he enjoys and he pays no mind to others.
I figured Pondo had a ton of great wrestling and non-wrestling stories and that was proven in Memoirs of a Mad Man, a book co-written by our mutual friend John Cosper. That book is awesome. There are so many great, interesting and funny stories (although I bet he hasn't even scratched the surface).
I have read a bunch of wrestling books and this one ranks up with the best. Pondo doesn't need to put himself over. He simply tells stories.
John is the perfect person to help with the book. As a knowledgeable, passionate and respectful wrestling fan, John knows exactly how to get the best stories and how to tell them. There are no stories about Pondo and Buzz Lightyear though. Maybe if there is a More Memoirs of a Mad Man, we can learn about Pondo meeting Buzz and some of the mascots we will see here in the future.
For more info on Memoirs of a Mad Man or any of John's other books, go to I am slowly filling my bookshelves with John's books and they all have been hits so far.
Buzz Lightyear and Mad Man Pondo at Hollywood Studios, FL-February 2020.

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