Monday, March 7, 2022

Friend Encounters: Tessa Blanchard, David McLane and Michael Kingston

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Today is really a 3fer feature. At the San Diego Comic Con a couple years ago, author Michael Kingston had a booth promoting Headlocked Comic. As is usual with Michael at such events, he attracted several big hitters in the wrestling industry. Third generation wrestling star Tessa Blanchard. (then) WOW champ, and WOW promoter/GLOW creator David McLane stopped at Michael's booth.
Michael's Headlocked Comic would seem to be a perfect match for the WOW Superheros. I'd love to see what Michael could do with such possibilities.
I have followed Michael's work for many years. I have enjoyed his growing success. Michael had a vision of making a realistic wrestling comic and he made that dream happen. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy either. Michael is a great guy and a hard worker. He has earned every bit of respect he has gotten from wrestlers and fans.
WOW was founded in 2000 by McLane, who co-owns it with Jeanie Buss. s the name indicates, it is a wrestling company focused entirely on women. The syndicated series has aired on a few networks over the years.
Blanchard held the WOW championship for 217 days, after beating Jungle Grrrl for the vacated title. She was eventually defeated by The Beast.
Seeing Blanchard holding the WOW title, I started thinking Michael needs to have a Headlocked title belt. I'm sure he thought of it already. If he doesn't have one, he probably has a solid reason for it. Still, I'm hoping one day he makes a belt and I will want a picture with it!
For more info on Michael and his work, check HeadlockedComic.con. Go to for info and news on Women of Wrestling.
Michael Kingston, Tessa Blanchard and David McLane in San Diego, CA-July 2019.

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