Tuesday, March 8, 2022

On the Beat With Bella Bocanegra

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bella Bocanegra, a talented, young wrestler. Bella is doing great things in amateur wrestling and we discussed all of it. Our interview is at On the Beat With Bella Bocanegra.
Bella's accomplishments are already numerous. Among her many achievements, she is a two-time Arizona state girls wrestling champ, a six-time All-American, the 2021 Flowing Wells Champ and the 2021 Ironwood Invitational Champ. She is also on a 58 match winning streak, as well as carrying a 3.3 GPA. This is one busy and dedicated young lady.
Bella talked about her start in wrestling, her preparation, her mindset, the 58 match win streak and more. I even asked her about a possible career in professional wrestling, but Bella seems more interested in a future in coaching. Of course, as I said in our interview, wrestling legend Kurt Angle said that when he was about her age.
After the interview I told Bella's father Rick how impressed I was with Bella. Her wrestling resume speaks volumes, but more significant is her level of maturity and composure. Relaxed and confident, Bella spoke like a seasoned veteran. I've interviewed people much older and more experienced who weren't nearly as conversational as Bella.
Bella stated she is stubborn, which is a great quality in any sport, but perhaps more so in wrestling. She entered a sport usually associated with males and experienced some early losing efforts, but she never gave up. Even prior to her 58 match win streak, Bella had a few tough losses. Losing only made her more stubborn.
With college still ahead, Bella has plenty of wrestling left in her. After college, Bella sees coaching in her future. Even at such a young age, Bella is already thinking of ways to give back and to grow the sport.
I appreciate Bella's time for this interview. I wish her continued success. I'll be watching her and updating her career here.


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