Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On the Beat with Sal Lizard at Days of the Dead 2012

On Christmas, who better to be featured in an interview than Santa Claus?  Sometimes he is known as the Vampire Santa.  Sometimes he is Sal Lizard.  This multi-talented man is an author, actor, comedian and real life Santa.
Lizard has accomplished a lot in a little time and later in life than most, but he will tell you about that in the interview below.  I am here to report on what fun he was to meet and interview.
Actually, I first encountered Lizard at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis, but I did not have a chance to talk to him.  When I saw he would be in Chicago, I put him on my list (a bit ironic, putting Santa on a list).
It would be easy to write that Lizard was a jolly, old soul.  While this would definitely be true, Lizard deserves better than a bad pun like that.  Actually, he is jolly, although his white beard belies his real age.
Lizard talked to us for several minutes and I felt completely at ease, although I never sat on his lap.  He discussed how he got started, what he has done and more.  He even shared a story from Being Santa Claus, his book.
Being Santa Claus is a book about his time as a real Santa.  There are funny stories, as well as poignant ones.  I am sure that Lizard has heard and experienced quite a lot while donning the big red suit.
To learn more about him, go to SalLizard.com.  On Facebook, you can also check out Sal Lizard, Being Santa Claus and The Vampire Santa.

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