Monday, February 28, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a series dedicated to my friends meeting celebrities.

The last time I featured Joshua Kohl of DodgerBobble he was pictured with Tommy LaSorda.  That makes two Dodgers legends.  LaSorda was the long-time manager and personality and Kohl is the creator of DodgerBobble, a fantastic site "dedicated to the Los Angeles Dodgers, bobbleheads and baseball".  Both of them just scream "Dodgers"!
A few weeks ago, Kohl and his family attended Dodgers Night at a Los Angeles Kings game.  New Manager Don Mattingly dropped the first puck (and donned a Kings jersey for a future Celebrity Jersey Card post here).
Also in attendance was Billy Ashley, a one-time hot prospect for the Dodgers.  Ashley played parts of six seasons with the Dodgers, but never achieved the predicted stardom.
I love the idea of mixing sports like hockey and baseball.  I think it's great marketing and great fun.  Thanks for Joshua for sharing this and check out his site when you get a chance.
Joshua Kohl and Billy Ashley in Los Angeles, CA-January 2011.

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