Saturday, July 14, 2012

On the Beat at Resistance Pro's Taken By Force

At Resistance Pro's "Taken By Force",'s Scott Beatty handled the interview duties solo, as Johngy was off in Canada covering the Toronto Blue Jays.  Scott was able to round up four talents who had previously not been interviewed by Johngy's Beat.
First up is the #1 contender, Lonesome Jay Bradley.  Bradley is one of the most popular wrestlers at R Pro.  He has bided his time and is primed for a title run.  After watching our introduction interview, check out Jay Bradley's Facebook page to keep current on his activities.
Josephus Brody is a relative newcomer to R Pro, but he is already making a big impact.  We look for Brody to insert himself into the title picture in the very near future.  Watch the Brody interview and then head over to Jocephus Brody's Facebook page to learn more and keep updated.
Next up is the high-flying Mr. 450.  We have been trying to land an interview with this young star for a while.  A noted high-flier, Mr. 450 can also battle the big guys.  After you watch the interview, check out Mr. 450's Facebook page to get all news on him.
Michael Bradley is not a wrestler, but he is definitely part of the R Pro family.  He also can do a pretty good kip up, as witnessed on the T3 Universe.  Bradley's real skill is humor and he is very funny.  You can look for him at R Pro and on the comedy scene.  After you watch the interview, check out Michael Bradley's Facebook page to learn more about this very talented man.
Resistance Pro's next show, called "Fair Warning", is Friday July 27 at the Teamster Auditorium in Chicago (IL).  Wrestling superstar John Morrison will also be there and will surely get involved in some way.  Go to for all of the detail and to get tickets.

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