Friday, July 13, 2012

On the Beat with Michelle Shields at Days of the Dead

Michelle Shields is a talented, young actress from the Chicago area.  Last weekend, I finally got to meet her in Indianapolis (IN). 
Michelle has been performing from an early age, making her big screen debut as a teenager, but you can learn all of that by watching the interview or checking out her site.  I am here to tell you that Michelle is a lively, engaging person.  She was so much fun at the convention.
Aside from our interview, I talked to Michelle about her other appearances in the Chicago area.  I also witnessed many of her fans talking and laughing with her.  She made everyone feel welcome and everyone walked away satisfied with their experience.
Michelle has done conventions before, but I think it is more her natural self than her experience at public appearances.  She is simply a fun person.
In the interview below, we talked about her start in show business, her current projects and more.  I hope this is just the first of many interviews with Michelle.  I will definitely be looking for her at future conventions and will continue to cover her as her career continues to grow.
Michelle is a very busy woman.  You can get info on her upcoming projects at the Llorona Facebook page, the Llorona funding page, the Night of the Living Dead Facebook page and the Hells Little Angels Facebook page .  Of course, you can also go to, the Michelle Shields Facebook page and the Michelle Shields YouTube channel to learn all about this talented young actress.

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