Sunday, July 22, 2012

On the Beat Chaz Montana at the 2012 MCCC

At the 2012 Motor City Comic Con, we ran into a couple wrestlers from XICW (Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling).  We caught Chaz Montana as he was heading to the ring in the next room.
Montana is a cowboy, calling to mind the old school cowboys of a wrestling era a few years back.  My mind immediately thinks of Black Bart, Dutch Mantel and Jimmy Jack Funk.  It is an interesting persona in today's wrestling world.
Debuting in 2000, XICW is the Detroit area's longest running wrestling organization.  Alumni of this premiere wrestling company include the Motor City Machine Guns.
Montana hails from Texas and states that he rode his bull Sammy all the way to Detroit.  Although that would be a slow ride, I can understand considering gas prices.
Montana talked about his bull, XICW and titles in our interview below.  For more information and updates on Chaz, go to the Ask Chaz Montana Facebook page and follow Chaz Montana on twitter.  Also, check out the XICW Facebook page to learn all about this wrestling organization.

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