Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On the Beat with Elissa Dowling at Days of the Dead

Each celebrity at Days of the Dead leaves a unique impression on me.  Elissa Dowling is just cool!  She was energetic (without being bubbly).  She was naturally funny and totally interactive with everyone.
Elissa has been active since her toddler days (as you will see in the interview).  She has already done it all and she is still young.  While she is very active in the horror genre, her talent goes well beyond just that.  Actually, music is her passion, but she does love acting, too.
In the interview below, Elissa discusses her start in show business, her current projects and much more.  I learned a lot about Elissa, but I felt like the interview could go for another hour and still be fun.  I really hope to see Elissa at a future convention to get updates on her career.
Until then, after you watch the interview below, please check out and Elissa Dowling on Facebook and follow Elissa Dowling on twitter
Also, be sure to go to to see when Elissa's next appearance at Days will be.

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