Thursday, July 26, 2012

On the Beat with POWW Wrestling

Last Saturday, Scott Beatty and I ventured out to Tinley Park (IL) to take in a night of POWW Wrestling.  In addition to watching an exciting night of in-ring action, we secured interviews with five wrestlers from the talented roster of POWW.
Grin N. Barrett is the newest member of the POWW roster.  He has an unique look and an interest gimmick.  We will be following him as his POWW career develops.  You can follow him on the Grin N. Barrett Facebook page.
David Hokinson is a ring veteran who, on Saturday, brought back Dehok, one of his old incarnations.  Who knows what is next for this star.  You can follow him on the David Hokinson Facebook page.
Vinnie Riot is one of the younger stars on the POWW roster.  We plan on following him as his career blossoms.  You can follow him on the Vinnie Riot Facebook page.
The Natural GQ is another of the young stars of POWW.  The very talented GQ has already tasted the championship.  You can follow his career on the GQ Facebook page.
Sexy KC is a young veteran.  He has wrestled all over and is a relative newcomer to POWW.  You can follow him on the Sexy KC Facebook page.
I hope you learned a little bit about the wrestlers and enjoyed the journey.  We hope to follow their careers, along with the other talented members fo the POWW roster.  We really appreciate the cooperation of everyone at POWW in facilitating these interviews. Please go to to learn all about POWW and to get updates and schedules.

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