Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On the Beat with R.d. Reynolds of WrestleCrap at Days of the Dead

The beauty of WrestleCrap is that my friends and I could have done the same thing, but we didn't.  WrestleCrap is everything you think and want to say about the "fun" bad of wrestling put together a funny, interesting way.
We all groaned at Terry Taylor as the Red Rooster, but WrestleCrap immortalized it.  The same can be said for Dale Torborg as the Demon, Kiss-endorsed and Kiss look-alike wrestler.  The list goes on and on, which pretty much ensures that WrestleCrap can go on and on.
R.d. Reynolds is one of the creative geniuses behind WrestleCrap.  Meeting him at Days of the Dead was indeed a thrill.  I have a certain appreciation for the crappier side of wrestling.  Why not?  It's all fun, especially the way that WrestleCrap features it.  Aside from the site, there are three books and several dvd's full of WrestleCrap.
I talked to Reynolds about the origin of WrestleCrap, obscure WrestleCrap and current WrestleCrap.  If the idea I am pitching to local indy organizations ever catches on, maybe one day I will be featured on WrestleCrap.  Dare I dream?!
After you watch the interview, check out WrestleCrap.com and prepare to spend plenty of time enjoying the crappier side of wrestling.  You can also go to the R.d. Reynolds Facebook page for more info and updates.

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