Friday, July 27, 2012

On the Beat with Kayla Perkins at Days of the Dead

At last year's Days of the Dead, Kayla Perkins was our first interview.  Kayla totally impressed me as a sweet, talented, mature young actress.  Naturally at this year's Days of the Dead, I wanted to get an update from her.
We found Kayla right away and she looked great.  She greeted us with her usual big smile.  She is just so genuinely polite and pleasant.
Kayla told us about the PSA against texting in theaters and her upcoming role in "Smoke and Mirrors".  As usual, Kayla is keeping busy, while balancing school and a "normal" life.
I think Kayla has a bright future.  She is not just a sweet person, she is a very talented young lady.  She has done modeling, acting, print ads and more.  She has worked in the horror genre, but in other areas, too.  She seems to be developing quite a wide and varied resume.  It will only help her as her career develops.
I really enjoy talking to her and watching her career as it grows.  If you get the chance to meet Kayla at one of these conventions, do so.  You will be as impressed with her as I am.
After you watch the video, head over to to learn all about her and to get updates.  Also, head over to to see if Kayla will be at the next convention.

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