Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On the Beat at PCW (Pro Championship Wrestling)

Last Sunday, Scott Beatty (of AU Sports Memorabilia) and I enjoyed an afternoon of outdoor wrestling, courtesy of PCW (Pro Championship Wrestling) at Linconwood Fest.  Before and after the event, we talked to six PCW superstars.
About a month ago, we did our first series of interviews with PCW stars including PL Myers, Midwest champ Whiplash and Heavyweight champ JTW.  You can check out those interviews by clicking the names or by going to the wrestling playlist on YouTube.
Our first interview at Lincolnwood Fest was with Jenna Monroe, one of the finest young managers in the wrestling.  After you watch the interview, check out Jenna Monroe's Facebook page for more info and updates on her.
Scott (your heel of a host on our Wrestle Beat YouTube show) took the lead on an interview with Hot Bod Shawn Davis.  For more info and updates on Shawn, check out the Shawn Davis Facebook page.
Scott (did I mention he is your heel of a host on our Wrestle Beat YouTube show?) once again took the lead and landed Midwest champ Whiplash for a second time.  Head over to the Whiplash Fan page on Facebook to stay informed on him.
I got back into the action by interviewing The Butcher (who as it turns out is actually a butcher).  The Butcher's Facebook page has all of the info and updates you will want.
Scott once again took the lead as he interviewed PCW Women's champ December.  Check out December's Facebook page to get all of the info and updates on Miss December.
We saved the Heavyweight champ JTW for last.  It was also our second time with the champ and we got to know a lot more about JTW.  You can learn more about him, by going to the JTW Facebook page.
We are really excited about our developing relationship with PCW.  I have enjoyed their product for years.  We look forward to more coverage of this exciting wrestling promotion.  Until then, check out our "On the Beat with the Wrestling Scene" YouTube channel and also

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