Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Looking for Sarah French at Flashback Weekend

At last year's Flashback Weekend, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah French.  Sarah is a talented, beautiful young actress, who has over 30 films to her credit (although some list her as "Scarlet Salem").
We learned a little about the Minnesota native, but I hope to learn more about her at this year's Flashback Weekend, which happens to be this weekend (August 10-12).
I found Sarah to be pleasant and engaging.  It felt more like a conversation, then an interview.  It was a lot of fun talking to her.
Sarah will be one of the many celebrity guests, as will her boyfriend Joe Knetter (actor, author and screenwriter).  My goal is to interview both of them this year.  If all works out, that interview will be here in a couple weeks.
Flashback Weekend is a great convention held in Rosemont (IL).  It is full of fun activities including celebrity guests, movie showings, costume contests and more.  Every celebrity guest I have met there has been very fan-friendly.  It's a great place to meet some interesting celebrities, but also to spend just a few extra minutes with them.
For more information check out FlashbackWeekend.com and the Flashback Weekend Facebook page.  Also, go to www.SarahFrenchOnline.com to learn more about this lovely, talented young actress.
Sarah French and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2011.

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