Thursday, August 2, 2012

On the Beat at Resistance Pro Wrestling "Fair Warning"

Johngy's Beat was in full force at "Fair Warning," the most recent Resistance Pro Wrestling event.  Matt "Big Money" Parker, Scott "Big Ego" Beatty and I were all in attendance.  During the course of the evening, in addition to watching great wrestling action, we landed interviews with several members of the R Pro roster.

We have talked to Eric St. Vaughn a few times.  Despite his treatment of yours truly on Wrestle Beat Episode 2, I still enjoy interviewing him.  Besides ESV's first interview with us just hit 1,000 views, quite an impressive feat.  Check out Eric St. Vaughn's Facebook page to get all of the info on him.
Thunderkitty wrestled Melanie Cruise for the title, but came up a bit short.  As if that wasn't bad enough, she had to deal with being interviewed by Scott (although still a better option than Jonathan Coachman).  She's got a great character and the wrestling ability to go wit h it.  We expect great things from her.  After you watch this second interview with Thunderkitty, check out and the Thunderkitty Facebook page to keep up with her.
Although we have seen Abriella of Amazonia on the R Pro scene the last couple months, we were finally able to get a few minutes with her.  Scott Beatty (also better than Sean Mooney) did this introductory interview with Abriella.  We expect to see more of her and hope to talk to her again.  After you watch our interview, check out Abriella's Facebook page to learn a bit more and to get all of her updates.
Jessie Belle made her R Pro debut and is also making her Johngy's Beat debut.  Which is more exciting?  You know the answer!  After you watch her interview, head over to Jessie Belle's Facebook page to learn more and get updates on this talented lady.

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