Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spider One Joined the Jay Leno Club

At the Days of the Dead convention, the Jay Leno Club gained a new member.  Just as a quick recap, the Jay Leno Club is comprised of all of the celebrities who have made a reference to me resembling Jay Leno.
I posted the interview with Spider One about a month ago.  Right at the start of the interview, he asked me if anyone has ever told me I look like Jay Leno.  Thus, he joined the Jay Leno Club.
For those who missed the interview (and do not wish to burn the calorie by clicking above to go to it), I am showing the first 11 seconds, which contains the Leno reference.
Even without the Leno comment, I really enjoyed talking to Spider One.  He is the founder of Powerman 5000 and the brother of Rob Zombie.  We also talked about his interview work during conventions.
Spider One became the first member of the Jay Leno Club to join during the interview.  He also became the 13th celebrity to join the Jay Leno Club.
Who will be the 14th?  You will just have to keep checking here to see who is next!

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