Friday, April 12, 2013

On the Beat with Mad Man Pondo and Crazy Mary Dobson at Resistance Pro's Mane Attraction

With names like "Mad Man Pondo" and "Crazy Mary Dobson," who knows what to expect.  I saw the "Mad Man" and "Crazy" parts in the ring, but outside of the ring, I found them to be extremely nice and fun people.
Pondo came to Resistance Pro for the Samuel J. Thompson Memorial Tournament.  While he did not win the event, he expressed his respect for Brady Pierce (the winner) and asked for a one-on-one rematch.  Last month, Pondo beat Pierce and again expressed his respect for Pierce, offering to mentor him or even tag team with him.  That could be an interesting pairing.
Crazy Mary Dobson came to R Pro with Pondo.  CMD has already earned her nickname in the ring and looks like she could add a new spark to the women's division.
I could write volumes on Pondo, but you can easily find that info elsewhere.  The story I want to tell is one of this 20+ year veteran coming to R Pro because of what he has heard about this young company and the people involved.  That speaks volumes about his character, as well as the fine folks at R Pro.  Class attracts class.  This seems to be a recurring theme at R Pro.  I do not know how long Pondo and CMD will be staying at R Pro, but however long it is, will be enjoyed by the fans!
Pondo and CMD also hosted a YouTube show dedicated to horror movies.  You can see these episodes at Mad Man Pondo Horror Movie Massacre.
To find out more about Pondo and CMD and to get updates, check out the Stricktly Nsane Pro Wrestling Facebook page. You can also check out to see when this pair and others will be wrestling next.

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Since Nancy has no left-over birthday Cake for me, I thought I would stop in to say CONGRATS to Mad Man Pondo on the BREAKING NEWS about his daughter!!!

What BREAKING NEWS, you might ask?!?!

Well..... Guess you gotta visit the CASTLE to find out!!!

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