Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On the Beat with Ernest L. Thomas at Motor City Comic Con 2013

I am sure Ernest L. Thomas has been asked "What's Happening?" thousands of times by fans.  Still, I had to ask it and he humored me with a fun laugh.  As a matter of fact, during our interview at the Motor City Comic Con, Thomas returned the line, along with giving me the Raj laugh and also doing the Raj dance.  That is quite a trifecta!
Thomas starred as Roger "Raj" Thomas for three seasons of What's Happening!! and about ten years later, three seasons of What's Happening Now!!  Thirty some years after the first episode aired, Thomas is highly recognizable, barely looking a few years older.
I met Thomas and former costar Danielle Spencer at another convention a couple years ago.  All that was missing was Haywood Nelson (Dwayne).
Thomas was as nice as could be.  I had no interview scheduled with him, but he graciously talked to us anyway (including giving us the previously mentioned What's Happening?? trifecta).  He also greeted us several other times when we crossed paths at the convention.
Thomas has remained busy over the years.  He discusses some of his projects in the interview.  He is also a writer, an author, a speaker and more.  To learn more about him and all of his projects, check out

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