Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On the Beat with Parker Stevenson at the Motor City Comic Con 2013

When Parker Stevenson was playing Frank Hardy on tv's The Hardy Boys, I was totally ensconced in reading the Hardy Boys books.  Naturally, I loved the series (not to mention the symmetry).
Stevenson always seemed like a nice guy, from my tv watching viewpoint.  It was a pleasure to find out at the Motor City Comic Con that he really is that nice.  He gave us an unscheduled interview and I really think he would have talked to us longer, if not for the watchful eye of his assistant who hurried him along a bit.  I am not complaining, but just trying to show how cool Stevenson was.
We talked a bit about the Hardy Boys and about conventions.  Stevenson was fun and easy-going.  It was a fun, although short, interview.  Some day I hope to talk to him more in-depth.
I'd like to ask him about being in the original cast of Baywatch.  I'd like to talk to him about his recurring role on Melrose Place.  The youthful Stevenson has been acting since 1972 and has done many interesting things.  Maybe I will get another chance to talk to him at a future convention.
After you watch our interview, head over to ParkerStevensonShadowWorks.com to learn about Stevenson and his other passion, photography.  It is full of amazingly beautiful images.  Also, I must mention that the background music is entrancing!

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