Friday, July 26, 2013

Now This is a Tag Team!

One of the best parts of Resistance Pro Wresting happens after the actual night of wrestling.  Most of the R Pro talent either appears at their table selling their stuff and posing for pictures or just mingles with the crowd.    They are all cool about posing, even though they get asked a lot.
I scored a two-fer at the last show.  Nikki St. John (a top contender for the Women's title) and Sheri Shaw (Musical Director) were standing together, when I jumped between them and asked for a photo.  I could not miss the opportunity to be surrounded by two beautiful women!
The really awesome thing about them is that in addition to their beauty, both ladies are as sweet as can be.  Oh sure, Nikki will kick your butt in the ring, but she is great to her fans.  It has been a pleasure knowing them and enjoying their work.
If my passion for R Pro isn't enough to get you to come to an R Pro show, perhaps the idea of meeting these beautiful, talented and sweet women might get you to attend a show.  As a matter of fact, there is a show tonight in Willowbrook.  For more info, go to
Nikki St. John, me and Sheri Shaw in Merrionette Park, IL-May 2013.


Hackenbush said...

You look pretty happy! ;)

Evil Zebra said...

He's not gonna look to happy tonight,
when D'arcy Dixon whoops his arse for me!!!

Take it,

Johngy said...

Hack-Do you blame me?
EZ-D'Arcy had her hands full with Mickie Knuckles, although as I told her, it was her best match ever!