Thursday, July 11, 2013

On the Beat with RD Reynolds of Wrestle Crap at Days of the Dead 2013

Oh sure, wrestling fans have complained for years about about crappy storylines.  Did anyone like the Lance Von Erich story?  How about the Yeti?  Of course, the Shock Master is legendary crap.
Yes, a lot of fans complained, joked and mocked those moments in wrestling, however only the guys at Wrestle Crap actually have done something about it.  RD Reynolds co-created Wrestle Crap with the late Merle Vincent.  Wrestle Crap is now run by Reynolds, Blade Braxton and Justin Henry.
There is a Wrestle Crap website.  There have been three books.  There was a podcast (please revive it).  There are still appearances (like at the recent Days of the Dead).  There is the RD and Blade Show.
All of these celebrate wrestling's lowlights.  The KISS demon.  Dink, Wink and Pink.  Claire Lynch.  David Arquette.  Al Wilson.  Katie Vick.  Hornswoggle.  The homeless Mick Foley story.  The Zodiac.  Mae Young's "hand" birth.  Do you want more?
If so, head over to the Wrestle Crap sitte and you will get more.  Much, much more.  Seriously, Wrestle Crap is full of a ton of crappy goodness.
I caught up with RD at Days of the Dead and got the update on what was new in the world of Wrestle Crap.  I also made a plea to have Johngy gain entry into Wrestle Crap.  Come on, RD, I have seen enough first hand.  Of course, you can also go the other way and include Johngy based on the ever present Johngy shirts at various indy wrestling events.  Can I bribe you with a shirt?  Surely that is crap worthy.
Check out for some excellent, crappy wrestling stuff.  You can also find RD Reynolds on Facebook and WrestleCrap on Facebook, along with WrestleCrap on twitter.

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