Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On the Beat with Michael West at Days of the Dead 2013

Mcihael West has authored articles, short stories and books.  I first met him a year ago at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis, West's home state.  I was intrigued by his work.
Upon meeting West, I immediately liked him.  He is personable, interesting and articulate.  After our interview, On the Beat with Michael West at Days of the Dead 2012, I continued to follow his career, including reading Poseidon's Children and Spook House, two of his books.  I enjoyed meeting him, reading his books and following him online.
Of course, I wanted to get an update from him at the recent Days of the Dead in Indy.  West was accommodating as usual.
West is an excellent author and definitely a great guy.  After you watch the interview, I encourage you to check out any of his books.  I am sure you will be as entertained as I have been.
To learn more about this great author, check out ByMichaelWest.com, and the Michael West Facebook page and follow Michael West on twitter.

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