Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On the Beat with Brian Steward at Days of the Dead 2013

Giada lead me to illustrator Brian Steward.  To be honest, Giada could lead me to just about anything, but I digress.
Steward is a fantastic artist.  He has done some 3D art, monsters...wait, I'll use his words..."Illustrator Of Horrifying Things and Sexy Things....and other Thingy Things as well..."  Among all of that, I saw a cool illustration of Giada.
When I first met Steward and talked to him On the Beat with Brian Steward at Days of the Dead 2012,  I asked him about all of his art and Giada, of course.  Unexpectedly (and very much appreciated), he gave me a signed copy of the Giada print.
I apologize, because this isn't about Giada.  It is about a majorly-talented illustrator named Brian Steward (who created a Giada masterpiece).  On the other hand, it is Giada who lead me to Steward.  Therefore, Steward is forever intertwined with Giada (I bet he wouldn't mind being intertwined with her, but I digress again).
Steward is talented and entertaining.  He is a popular guest at conventions.  He is interesting in conversations and interviews.  His art is really fascinating (and not just his Giada creation).
To see Giada...I mean to learn more about Brian, check out  You can also find him on the Brian Steward Facebook page and follow Brian Steward on twitter.

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