Friday, August 22, 2014

On the Beat with "The Ego" Robert Anthony of Resistance Pro at Wizard World

My coverage of Wizard World Chicago 2014 began today with an unexpected interview.  I ran into "The Ego" Robert Anthony of Resistance Pro wrestling, who was accompanied by Diz.
Ego is right in the middle of the tag team title situation at RPro.  He was tag team champion with Jocephus Brody, but his wedding and honeymoon kept him away from RPro last month.  Jocephus successfully defended the titles with Eve.  Who exactly are tag team champs?  We will find out on Sunday at "The Real Thing."
Diz contributed a bit during this interview, but I could not understand him.  Ego's "translations" seemed a bit suspect to me.  Ego claimed Diz was badmouthing
In any case, Ego was just one of several friends and celebrities I encountered on Day One at Wizard World.  The rest of the weekend promises to be even better.  You never know who you might see.  I even saw another guy in a Johngy shirt.  Go figure!
Wizard World runs through Sunday.  My advice is always to go before Sunday.  That way, on Sunday, you can go to "The Real Thing" and find out what is happening with the tag team scene at RPro.

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