Thursday, September 25, 2014

On the Beat at Resistance Pro's "Draw the Line"

The last Resistance Pro show was dedicated to United States veterans and they packed the house.  It was the usual great RPro event, plus the added bobus of giving back to the veterans for their service.
Speaking of the veterans, we got an interview with C Red, a veteran of the service.  He spoke on what this show means to him and the others.
We also spoke to Mickie Knuckles.  Knuckles left me with a unique and much-appreciated gift.
While Special Correspondent JayHawk Evans was interviewing Head Ref Robert King, they were interrupted by Robert's brother Justin.  They also were interrupted by "The Ego" Robert Anthony and Knuckles.  Lastly, all heck broke loose and the interview had to be continued in another room.
Finally, we talked to Warden Myers.  This interview was also interrupted.  Rival Manager C Red injected a little soul into the segment.
The next show is Friday night.  "Practice What You Prewch" promises to be another awesome night of entertainment.

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