Friday, September 26, 2014

Windy City Rolling With Jackie Daniels

Last week, attended the Black and Blue Gala, a fundraiser for the Windy City Rollers.  It was a blast!
We have attended several nights of action with the Windy City Rollers, but this was very different.  The women of WCR were not wearing their usual derby gear and helmets.  Instead, they were dressed elegantly and stylishly.  Because I usually see them wearing helmets, I didn't recognize many.  I admit I felt a bit silly not knowing them at first, but as the evening went on, I did start to figure out several of the ladies.  Of course, some of them helped me a bit by jogging my memory.
I interviewed Jackie Daniels of the Fury a couple times, yet I still didn't realize who she was at first.  With a little prompting, I did realize who she was.
Jackie has been with the Fury since 2010.  She is one of the toughest, most talented and most spirited members of the WCR.  
All of my interviews with the ladies of the WCR can be found at the Windy City Rollers playlist on YouTube.  After watching the interviews, you can learn more about them at  Best of all, you really should check out a night of derby action!
Jackie Daniels and me in Chicago, IL-September 2014.

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