Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cards That Never were: 1975 Kim McQuilken

This is a recurring feature where I write the wrongs of non-issued sports cards.  This was inspired by many of my fellow bloggers, who have created a ton of beautiful Cards That Never Were.
Quarterback Kim McQuilken was drafted in 1974 by the Atlanta Falcons.  Former Heisman winner Pat Sullivan was not looking great as the quarterback of their future.  Veteran backup Bob Lee was not the answer either.
Unfortunately, things really did not work out for McQuilken.  In four seasons with the Falcons, he started seven games and had a completion percentage of 39.9%.  Worse than that stat was his touchdown to interception ratio.  His 4 td's and 28 interceptions, did not endear him to the Falcons management or fans.
McQuilken finished his career with one season with the Washington Redskins, where he added one more interception.  I am pretty sure 4 td's and 29 interceptions must be some sort of record.
Despite all of that (or maybe because of it), I always hoped for McQuilken to get a football card every year.  As I have written previously, I pretty much wanted everyone to have a football card every year.  My ideal set each year would have about 1500 cards.
McQuilken never got a regular issue Topps card.  I had to make this right by creating a rookie card for McQuilken.  While he played more in 1976 than in 1974, I think his best shot would have been with the 1975 card.  I would have created one for every year, but I only found this one picture which would work.
I hope someday he might be searching online and find this card.  Thank you Mr. McQuilken for some fun following your career.  I hope you enjoy your card finally.

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