Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Johngy Is In Commercials?

Jacques Baron of Resistance Pro Wrestling called me and asked if I would be interested in appearing in a commercial.  He went into more details, but I didn;t need to hear anything more.  Of course, I would be interested!
Over the next few days, I received several texts asking for my measurements for clothes and other assorted info.  On a Thursday morning, I drove to the Spark Recreation Center in Summit, IL.  There I saw Jacques and Haley, along with Paloma Starr (the Chica on the Beat) and Matt Winchester (also known as the Beer City Bruiser).
I quickly donned my khakis, shirt, tie and lab coat.  Paloma and I filmed a few scenes with each other and then a few more with Matt and another actor (who was wearing Sears work clothes).  It took about 7 hours total (of intermittent action) to film what would be a 30 second commercial.
The backstory I learned was that the Producer picked Paloma and me from the Resistance website.  I guess I had the mad scientist look.
A few weeks later, I saw the finished product and I thought it looked pretty good.  I'm certainly no DeNiro, Pacino or Hanks (heck, I'm not even Scolari), but I am happy with what it was.
Last week, the video went live on YouTube.  At last check (no, I do not check it daily), it had about 2,000 views (no, 1999 of those were not mine).
The producer liked my look (why?) and I will be filming another commercial this Thursday.  I actually have speaking parts in this one.  While I don't see myself as the next Clara Peller (old reference) or Flo (newer reference), I am having fun with it.


Jean Parker said...

Don't forget your sisters when you get famous!!

Marc said...

That's just awesome. Safe to assume there was a stand in right before the end of the commercial. Of course, I would understand if you had to kayfabe

Johngy said...

Jean-I would never forget my sisters! Love you!
Marc-No kayfabe...Paaloma and I took the impact, but it was a dummy that Matt Winchester threw on us. Still, the dummy weighwed at least 100 pounds. Like a true wrestler, Paloma wanted to catch it. I just wanted to avoid it cracking me in the face.

Nancy said...

I hope you don't forget your sisters!