Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Adolfo At Days of the Dead Indy 2016

I should have entitled this piece "Adolfo IS Days of the Dead," because he is!  Adolfo started Days in 2011 in Indianapolis.  It was a small con, but it had a great buzz to it and you could feel it building.
Over the years, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles were added to the Days locations.  With no disrespect to previous ones, each event seems to be bigger and better.  This year's debut in Louisville might have been the best Days yet.  Seriously, you can make an argument for any specific Days event and I would not fault you.  Each event is awesome.
Adolfo works tirelessly to make Days the best it can be.  A few years back he brought in Roddy Piper as a celebrity guest.  Since then, he has brought in more wrestlers, who may or may not have horror connections.  It doesn't matter to Adolfo.  He listened to his fans.  Days is a horror-themed con, but it is also a huge party for all involved.
As I walked through the entrance in Louisville, I really felt like I was going to a family reunion (a fun family reunion).  I'd see Adolfo, Carrie, Heather, Ed, Bill and allof the rest of the Dys staffers who have become my friends.  I'd also see regular fans who have become friends of mine because we always see each other at these events.
Friends, wrestlers, parties, celebrities and all sorts of other fun can be found at Days of the Dead.  It all starts and ends with Adolfo though.  I always highlight the celebs I meet.  Today, it was all about the man behind the event.  Thank you Adolfo!  See you this weekend.
Adolfo and me in Indianapolis, IN-July 2015.

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