Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Road Warrior Animal At Days of the Dead Louisville 2016

Days of the Dead Week continues with a unique picture with Road Warrior Animal.  I have met Animal several times, but this time it was special.  The picture below makes me crack up every time I see it.
This time at Days of the Dead, I met the legendary wrestler with Liza, who is not realy a wrestling fan.  She's more neutral and she certainly had not heard of the Road Warriors.
I knew that Animal offered his trademark shoulder pads for pictures, but I had no idea if Liza would go for it.  Not only was she up for it, she actually asked him about the pads.  I think the pads look great with her tiara.  Animal commented about the tiara, saying he believes this is the first time someone with a tiara wore the pads.  Of course, it had to be Liza.
I always like having friends with me for these moments.  Few will ever stand out the way that this one does though.
I do really appreciate Liza for humoring me.  She was a real trooper on the trip and I think she also enjoyed herself more than she thought she would.  Of course, the shoulder pads helped!
Liza will be with me again this weekend at Days of the Dead in Schaumburg.  We're meeting Ric Flair, among others.  This could get even more interesting!
Liza Nolan, Road Warrior Animal and me in Louisville, KY-September 2016.

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