Thursday, November 17, 2016

On The Beat With James DePaiva at REWind Con 2016

Last year, I had the pleasure of interviewing actress Kassie DePaiva.  That interview is one of my all-time favorites and can be found at On The Beat With Kassie DePaiva.
When I saw that James DePaiva, her husband, was going to appear at REWind Con, I put him on my target list for interviews.  Like Kassie, James hasn't done many con appearances yet.  Fortunately, we landed our interview with James right after the Red Carpet opening event of REWind Con.
James might be best known for his role as Max on television's One Life To Live, with Kassie, as Blair, as his on and off love interest.  Max was the bad boy with a good heart.  He had a lengthy and popular run on OLTL.
Fans were often split into two camps, as some liked Max and Blair, while others liked Todd and Blair.  We talked a bit about that split, as I asked James where he thought Max would be today.  His answer was interesting.
We also talked about Kassie, who has been battling cancer of late.  Thankfully, Kassie is doing well and our prayers go to her for continued recovery.
The day after our interview, I ran into James in the concourse area and we talked a bit.  He is a real class act.  He spoke so fondly of his time on OLTL and so lovingly of Kassie.  It was heartwarming, much like my interaction with Kassie.  In a funny note, Kassie called James right at this time.
Interviewing James was a great experience.  I am very happy I had the chance and I am grateful to James for his time and to REWind Con for the opportunity.


Jean Parker said...

So glad that Max & Blair are actually together ... partners on a soap ... partners in life!! Certainly hope Kassie beats cancer ... a tough battle! Great couple!!

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

I love Blair and Max together. Prayers for Kassie's continued recovery.

Nancy said...

I love Blair and Max together. Prayers for Kassie's continued recovery.