Friday, November 18, 2016

On The Beat With Melissa Archer At REWind Con 2016

I have been a fan of Melissa Archer since she joined One Life To Life back in 2001.  I was impressed that at the age of 22, she joined OLTL and made such an impact.  Of course, her stunning good looks caught my eye, too.
REWind Con's announcement of Melissa joining their celebrity guest list was what initially sparked my interest in the event.  Like many of REWind Con's guests, Melissa doesn't do many celebrity cons.  I wasn't going to miss this one.
When Jack and I arrived, we immediately went to Melissa and asked for an interview.  She agreed and the result is below.  We talked about where her OLTL character Natalie would be now.  She answered and actually developed quite a little story behind it.
We also talked about her starting out on OLTL at such a young age and fitting in with the veterans.  Finally, we got some news on her latest projects.
I have to say, Melissa was stunning in person, but besides her appearance, she was sweet and funny.  She was the perfect interview guest and the perfect convention guest.
After you watch the interview, you can learn more about Melissa at  You can also follow Melissa Archer on twitter.
Thank you to Melissa for her time and friendliness.  Thanks to REWind Con for the opportunity.

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