Saturday, November 19, 2016

On The Beat With Mark DeCarlo at REWind Con 2016

One of the reasons why I loved REWind Con is that it brought in a different bunch of celebrities.  I had never seen Mark DeCarlo do a con before and I immediately targeted him when I saw him on the celebrity list for REWind Con.
Mark has done a lot of different things in his career.  He has hosted game shows (like Studs), done voice over work (like Hugh Neutron, the title character's father, in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius), actingt (like as Alex Berg on Seinfeld) and more.  The man is multi-talented and very successful.
At REWind Con, once we talked a bit about the Cubs (Mark is a native Chicagoan), we started talking about his latest projects, which involve travel (right up Global Traveler magazine's alley).
Mark and his wife wrote A Fork on the Road: 400 Cities/One Stomach, a book about travel and food.  I put Mark on the spot and asked him about his favorite cities and his favorite food place.
(Spoiler alert) Mark mentioned Miami as one of his favorite places for food.  I agreed.  Then he turned the tables on me and asked me for my favorite place in Miami.  I completely blanked, even though my trip there was only two months ago. 
Actually, I did more than blank.  I mixed up Miami for Tampa, where I had a great seafood dinner at Reef Steak and Seafood.  I'm not used to answering questions.  Anyway, as a side note, in Miami, I enjoyed awesome ceviche at Taste of Miami.
Jack picked up Mark's book and I plan on borrowing it (okay Mark, I will buy one from your site).  It is filled with recipes, humor, characters, dining suggestions and more.  It seems to be as helpful as it is entertaining and I look forward to reading it.
Mark was a great guest at REWind Con.  As I wrote, it's guests like Mark who made the debut of REWind Con a major success.
For more info on Mark and his book, head to  You can also follow Mark DeCarlo on twitter and follow the Mark DeCarlo Facebook page.
Thanks to Mark for his time and consideration.  Thanks to REWind Con for this opportunity.

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