Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Judge Reinhold Joins the JohngysBeat.com Jay Leno Club

I recently wrote about actress Jennie Garth joining the JohngysBeat.com Jay Leno Club at REWind Con.  The next weekend, actor Judge Reinhold joined the club at Days of the Dead Chicago 2016.  Sometimes these things come in bunches.
I was talking to some people at Days and we were near Reinhold's table.  He stood up and walked away from his table a bit to take a picture with a fan in line.  As he moved back to his table, he saw me and said that he wanted to take a picture with "Jay Leno."  I never refuse a picture request (I don't get many), but especially a picture request from a celebrity (I get even less of those).
Reinhold asked me if I ever heard that before and I had to burst his bubble and tell him that I hear it fairly often.  I did brighten his day by telling him he just made the Jay Leno Club, though.  I'm sure that ranks up there with his other awards and acknowledgements.
Reinhold is the 17th celebrity to join the Jay Leno Club.  He's also the second Seinfeld character (Patrick Warburton is the other) to be in the club.  You never know when or where another celebrity will join the club, but when it happens, I will report it right here.

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Jean Parker said...

Some day Jay Leno is going to ask to have a picture too!!