Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Matthew Fletcher at Motor City Comic Con 2016

Matthew Fletcher's vivid creations caught my attention as I strolled the Artist Alley at the Motor City Comic Con.  You can see his takes on the Joker and Batman in the photo below.
Based in Connecticut, Fletcher mostly utilizes ink and watercolors for his beautiful works. On The Art of Matthew J. Fletcher, it states that he "immerses himself in the world of superheroes, robots and monsters," but looking at his portfolio, his works go much beyond those subjects.
He has some really cool takes on the Muppets.  He also has a totally cool Derek Jeter piece.
He does have a big selection of superheroes (although no Aquaman), robots and monsters, as advertised.  Whatever the subject, Fletcher makes the image come alive and really pop off the canvas.
Check out The Art of Matthew J. Fletcher and Fletcher's Deviant Art page for more info and thumbnails of his cool creations.  You can also follow Matthew J. Fletcher on twitter.
Matthew Fletcher and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.

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