Monday, January 2, 2017

Friendly Encounters: Chet Coppock and Glen Rylko

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

There's my buddy Glen Rylko with Chester Coppock.  Glen is one of the good guys I have met through our pursuit of celebrities.  He has met a bunch, many of whom I have not yet met.  Fortunately, for this post, I have met Coppock, the Chicago broadcasting legend.
Celebrity chasres (for lack of a better term) always have a friendly rivalry.  We are happy when our friends meet stars, but a little less if they are stars we want to meet but have not.  Glen does a good job of meeting stars, athletes, wrestlers and more.  He's definitely got me beat on White Sox players.  I don't mind that, because he is more of a Sox fan than me.
Meeting Coppock is cool.  He is truly larger than life, but he is also a nice guy.  He'll gladly talk for a bit abot pretty much anything, but I love talking wrestling with the former wrestling announcer.  I also like talking wrestling with Glen, who has a nice collection of classic wrestling memorabilia.  I bet the thre of us would have an interesting conversation!
Glen Rylko and Chet Coppock in Chicago, IL-May 2012.

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