Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thank You Coach Stu (aka Michael Steuerwald)

Fomer Chicago Bandits Manager Mike Steuerwald had a long history with the organization, the fan base, the community and softball.  He is now taking his talents to the Scrap Yard Dawgs as their General Manager.
Coach Stu was instrumental in the Coach's Corner program.  Thousands of dollars were donated to youth programs and community centers across the Chicagoland area allowing underprivileged youth and their mentors to attend Bandits games.  It was so wonderful seeing so many youngsters at the game because of this program.
Of course, Coach Stu also managed the Bandits to consecutive National Pro Fastpitch championships.  Last season, after a tough start, the team came on strong, finishing in third and winning the Cowles Cup, to the surprise of some outside of Bandit Nation.  The good folks of Bandit Nation had faith all along and justifiably so.
I have nothing but good things to say about my interactions with Coach Stu.  Whether I was interviewing him officially or informally chatting, he always gave me his time and his thoughts.  He treated me with respect and he genuinely seemed to appreciate the coverage we gave him.  He was a complete class act and a credit to the team and the league.
I am happy for Coach Stu in his new position.  The Dawgs play in The Woodlands, just outside of Houston.  My sister's family lived there for years and I am very familiar with it.  It is a beautiful area, which I visited as often as possible.
I hope to see Coach Stu, or GM Stu now I guess, when the Dawgs are in town.  I'd like to get an update interview or at the least, just say thank you for everything.
Good-bye Coach Stu and good luck.  You will be missed.
Mike Steuerwald and me in Rosemont, IL-June 2016.

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Jean Parker said...

Hard to say goodbye to good people and friends .... but nice to see them move on to better things. Living in Texas will be nice! Congrats!!