Friday, May 19, 2017

Michelle Morris and Portia Chellelynn at Days of the Dead Chicago 2015

Model and actress Michelle Morris is a very popular guest at comic conventions.  Portia Chellelynn is also a very popular celebrity guest.  Actually, they are the same person, although I did not realize that at first.
Morris started playing guitar and writing as a teenager.  She also had three children by her early twenties, which derailed her foray into the entertainment business.  She started modeling in 2003 and made her acting debut in 2014.
She also got involved in pro wrestling when she appeared as the ring girl at "Rumble For The Kids," a charity wrestling event in Illinois.  She became a valet for one of the wrestlers.
A lot of her acting is in horror movies, but she isn;t limited to just that genre.  Among her other projects, Morris did a trailer for our old friend John Borowski.
Morris has adopted the "Portia Chellelynn name as her business name.  She has several projects in various stages of development.  You'll be seeing a lot of her in 2017.
You can also see her at most Days of the Dead conventions.  Pay attention though, because she can be a blond, brunette or otherwise.  No matter what, she is beautiful, funny and very fan-friendly.  You can also follow her at Portia Chellelynn on twitter.
Michelle Morris and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2015.

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