Friday, September 1, 2017

Tara Reid at Motor City Comic Con 2016

Tara Reid has been acting for over 35 years.  She doesn't look old enough for that to be possible, but it is.  She started acting in commercials at a very young age.
She has starred in such hits as The Big Lebowski, American Pie, Urban Legend and many more.  She has several projects in various stages of production.  You'll be seeing a lot of her on television and in movies.
I was fortunate enough to meet Reid at the Motor City Comic Con last year.  She looked fantastic.  Up close, she is as cute as can be.  Better than that, she was very nice.
We talked for several minutes about her role on Child's Play, an old game show from her youth.  She was surprised I knew that.  I do my homework!  (Translation: I spend a lot of time watching The Game Show Network.)
Reid had a long line of fans.  Many were looking to get her to sign stuff from American Pie and Sharnado.  Of course, I asked and of course, she did not have any 8x10's from Child's Play.  How cool would that have been though?!
Cuzz Gekas, Tara Reid, and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.

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