Saturday, January 13, 2018

Happy Birthday Scott!!

Today I celebrate the birthday of my brother-in-law Scott.  Although he is in Florida, while I am freezing in Chicago, I will still send him my best wishes for a great birthday!
Scott has been a mentor, advisor, friend and brother to me.  He's always willing to help, but he's also always up to beat me at anything.  (At least I own one bowling victory over him).
Last year, Jean and Scott graciously opened their Florida place to my dad and me and we attended a couple Spring Training games while we were there.  One of the coolest parts for me was standing on the field with Scott before a Minnesota Twins game.  Scott's not into chasing celebrities like I am, yet he joined me as we tried to get interviews with the players and coaches.  One of the most memorable was On the Beat With Minnesota Twins Coach Stew Cliburn.
The Twins did not have names on their backs, but I recognized Cliburn.  I should say I recognized "a" Cliburn.  The problem was the Twins had the Cliburn twins as coaches.  I was able to get the interview with Stew, but it remains a funny moment to me.
I am certain Scott will be celebrating with Jean somewhere.  I'll be joining them in Florida soon, but for now, thank you for everything, but mostly for being a friend.  Happy birthday to Scott (from frigid Chicago)!
Scott Parker and me in Fort Myers, FL-March 2017.


Jamie Meyers said...

I'm not sure you would have seen Stan there. To my knowledge he has not worked for the Twins in awhile now. In 2017 he was manager of the independent New Britain Bees. Both Cliburns coached in New Britain when the Twins' Double-A farm club was there. Nice guys. I think Stew's favorite restaurant up here was a Hooters.

Jean Parker said...

Nice tribute to Scott! Happy Birthday!!
John we will see you soon!!