Friday, July 29, 2022

Jenevieve Broomall at C2E2 2019

C2E2 returns August 5-7. As always, I will be "On the Beat" meeting interesting celebrities and creators. One of my favorites is Jen Broomall.
Self-taught, Jen has more than 10 years of experience. She has done cover art, character design, concept art, commissions and more. 
I have seen Jen many times at comic cons. She's a lot of un, as well as being extremely talented. I always like seeing her new creations. Jen is on my list of people I want see create a version of the Johngy character..
One of my favorites from Jen is a more recent piece she posted on social media. She commented she is trung to use less paint on water colors. She finished by saying it is Tiki time! It's just a fun sketch and I love it.
Go to for more info on Jen and her art. Also, check for info and scheduling.
Jenevieve Broomall and me in Chicago, IL-March 2019.

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