Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Happy Birthday, Jean!

Today is my sister Jean's birthday. I am sure she is celebrating in a safe, mild manner in Florida, but I celebrate virtually with her from here.
Like my other sister Nancy who had a birthday a couple weeks ago, Jean is my rock. I could never thank either enough for the love, support and great times I have had with each.
I've invaded Jean's hom in a few states now, but she always keeps allowing me to return and we always have a great time (at least I do).
She's kind, caring and funny, capable of taking a good ribbing and delivering one right back. We've had so much fun over the years at events or just hanging around the house.
Jean and Scott have raised two great kids and now they are grandparents to a beautiful little girl (plus a baby boy on the way) and four fun pups. I love seeing pictures of Jean with Delaney. She has to be the coolest grandmother, because she is the coolest sister.
It's been a tough year or so. We've only seen each other a couple times. I miss Jean and everyone, but soon we shall all get together and have fun again.
I am raising my Coke can in a big toast to Jean. Have a fantastic birthday. I love you. 
 Jean and Delaney in Watervliet, MI-Summer 2020.


Jean Parker said...

Thank you ... can't wait to celebrate all of the birthdays we missed in 2020-2021. See you in May!!

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Hope you have a great day.

Jean Parker said...

Thank you ... it was a good day!!