Thursday, May 20, 2021

Friend Encounters: Tommy Else and Frank the Clown

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Ordinarily, I would give top title billing to the bigger star. Since Tommy is my friend and broadcast partner and because he has a long-standing grudge with Frank the Clown, I gave him top billing. As a former Resistance Pro tag team champ, current and longest-reigning Southside Occupational Academy champ and Death Nut Challenge Champ, one could argue Tommy is the bigger star, even if Frank might have more fame.
Speaking of that grudge, it stems from the infamous Death Nut Challenge held at a Resistance Pro Wrestling show. Fortunately, I wormed my way out of that competition and was replaced by Scotty "WonderBoy" Steiner, who conceded after one hot nut. Ever the company man, Tommy forged forward and ate four (or five), each progressively hotter. When his face got red and sweaty, Frank the Clown, acting as the judge for this battle, ended the exhibition, with Tommy one nut short of completion.
Nobody was disappointed in Tommy's effort, except Tommy, who wanted to go all the way and would have, if not for Frank's decision. In fairness to Frank, Tommy was a hot mess and had already won. Nevertheless, Tommy feels the sting of not finishing the challenge.
Tommy and Frank reunited at a Warrior Wrestling show last year and hopefully buried the one-sided grudge. Frank seems happy.
Frank should be happy. He's got a nice niche in the wrestling scene and he's also dating Noelle Foley, daughter of Mick. Meanwhile, Tommy got crushed in the Chia Pet Invitational 2020 and is currently doing the Johngy or Else Podcast with me. On second thought, maybe Tommy should be upset.
 Tommy Else and Frank the Clown in South Chicago Heights, IL-September 2020.

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