Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Madusa at the Squared Circle Expo 2021

As I wrote yesterday, there were so many fantastic moments at the Squared Circle Expo last weekend. One of the best was one of the first.
As I approached Madusa's table, she loved my press badge and asked, "What's that about?" Of course, I told her briefly what I did. She then said, "I have to sign it. Can I sign it?" Ha! As if I would decline that request? I proudly walked around with a Madusa-signed press badge the rest of SCE.
I have been a fan of hers since her time in the American Wrestling Association in the 80s. Looking back, Madusa was well ahead of her time. She had a Hall of Fame career, but I truly believe it would have been even better in more recent times.
Accomplished women wrestlers have had to fight for recognition and their place from the beginning. Wrestlers like Madusa are why the current crop of women wrestlers are being used as main eventers.  
Madusa looks fantastic and was in great spirits. All weekend, she delighted fans, while also seeming to have a fun time herself. That is the best combination.
I never had the pleasure of seeing Madusa wrestle in person, although I watched many of her matches on videos. Unfortunately, I think we have seen her last match. Fortunately, we have not seen the last of her though. 
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Madusa and me in Indianapolis, IN-May 2021.

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