Friday, September 3, 2021

Happy Birthday Matt!

Today is my nephew Matt's birthday,. I am sure he is celebrating with his beautiful family, but I toast him from here.

Matt and I had so many fun adventures. He helped me so much in the early days of Johngy's Beat. He got Roddy Piper to do a promo for the Beat. He hung in there and secured my interview with Lauren Holly. He did so much and I appreciate all of it. I will always think fondly of the sports trips, comic cons, wrestling events and more that we enjoyed.

Now, Matt is a family man, married with two beautiful little ones. It's awesome to see him in this light. It's even better seeing him happy and living his life. I couldn't be happier for all of them.

I'm sure Erin, Delaney and Theo are making his birthday special, but I am sending birthday greetings right here. Happy birthday, Matt. I love ya, Big Money.

Matt, Delaney, Theo and Erin in IL-August 2021.

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Jean Parker said...

Love this .... Happy belated birthday wishes ... wish we could of been with you on your birthday!!