Saturday, February 19, 2022

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Today is my niece Sam's birthday. If she isn't helping others as a healthcare worker, she is probably scaling a mountain, skiing or doing some other fun thing. Either way, I hope she feels the good vibes we are all sending her way.

I admire the way Sam embraces life. She does things I never would have at her age or even now. She is adventurous, tough, fun and so caring. I am so proud of her for who she is.

Sam is a great niece and aunt. Ask me or ask Delaney and Theo (when Theo starts talking). She's also a great dog mom (ask Tris and Tim). In short, Sam is simply a special person.

I don't see Sam often, but we occasionally share silly texts and memes. Distance doesn't stop me from sending love and fun wishes for a fantastic birthday! Happy birthday, Sam. I love you!

Sam, Delaney and Theo in New Lenox, IL-December 2021.


John Sharp said...

Happy Birthday, Sam, frim this February 19th Birthday guy. Have a great day!

Jean Parker said...

Such a sweet birthday tribute!! Happy Birthday Sam!!

Nancy said...

Hope you had a great birthday Sam.