Tuesday, January 3, 2023

The Shot to the Top PL Myers

"The Shot to the Top" PL Myers is truly one of a kind. A successful wrestling manager, founder of the Chicago Connection (of which I am a proud member), an author (Gate to Gate), Pl has carved quite a career.
I first met him when he was a manager (and part-owner) at PCW, a great, although now gone, independent wrestling company. PL did the seemingly impossible there. He stayed in heel character, but still check on fans making sure all were having a good time.
Along the way, we became friends, especially after we reconnected at Resistance Pro Wrestling. I was honored and humbled when he asked me to join his Hero TV show. Covid caused Comcast to change procedures, so Hero TV is on hiatus, but it will return in some  form.
Speaking of returning, Chicagoland Championship Wrestling returns Sunday, October 9, after Covid also delayed their shows. PL brings his Chicago Connection to cause havoc and win titles in CCW and I will be there "On the Beat" and supporting my Connection brothers.
For more info, go to ChicagolandChampionshipWrestling.com. Also, check here for my coverage before and after the return of PL and CCW!
PL Myers and me in Addison, IL-November 2019.

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